Project Axalta

It is always challenging to offer a fresh outlook to a client that you have been associated with for quite a long time. The challenge became even bigger when Sapient asked us to design 4 lakh square feet of space, spread over a span of 8 floors, stacked one upon the other. So we ditched all our previous design ideas and with Sapient principles in mind, we started from scratch. Every floor was given a theme, one different from the other. The office has been designed to reflect openness, eliminating any kind of hierarchy and offering equal amount of resources at everyone’s disposal.

The built mass was moved into the center, keeping the peripheries clean, thereby permitting greater amount of natural light to flow inside. The office is filled with writing surfaces that promote creativity and healthy one on one discussion. Most spaces such as repro’s, phone booths and breakouts have been designed as multi utility spaces that cater to the ever evolving requirements. Even the cafeterias can be converted into town hall, whenever the need arises. The recreational spaces provide a breather from work to the employees. And with all this the office still stands tall on sustainability and energy efficiency.

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